Hailing from South Bend, Indiana in 1958, I was born into a football family.” Here come the Irish of Notre Dame.” My father graduated from Notre Dame and was the Communications Director for Hercules Inc. in Wilmington, Delaware. My mother graduated from St. Mary’s and was a schoolteacher at St. John the Beloved.

I have crafted an extraordinary life characterized by ambition and adventure. From my childhood memories of living in Indiana, Idaho, Utah, and growing up in Delaware, to my adulthood where I retraced my roots through Montana and lived in Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona.

I discovered my first writing voice in college while attending Rowan University where I earned a degree in Communications with a specialization in Journalism. It wasn’t much of a voice, really. Just the facts. But it was the beginning, and my freelance articles were getting published.

 I served as a commissioned officer in the US Army and as always, I was seeking out new opportunities to expand and honor my skillset. As time passed, I embarked on various entrepreneurial ventures. Including purchasing a Sylvan Learning Center. And at forty years of age, I went back to school, obtaining my master’s degree in education in 2000. Honoring my passion and commitment to lifelong learning and to the students I served.

William Wedgwood Hawkesworth    

They call me Hawk.

When I was ten years old my glove was stolen. I had to wait until the end of the month, payday, before my parents would buy me a new one. But under one condition. I had to print my name on it. It was a challenge. Hawkesworth is a long name. I wrote the letters H A W K on each of the fingers of the glove facing outward.

 I was born in South Bend, Indiana. My parents graduated from The University of Notre Dame and St. Mary’s College. They both have passed away.

I am the oldest of five siblings: Maurice, Joseph, Mary, and Thomas. All entrepreneurs.

I was blessed with three children and seven grandchildren: Laura, Christie, and my stepson Rick. All entrepreneurs. Emily and Grace, Barron, Sloane and the newest addition Penelope, and twins Brody and Riley. Entrepreneurs in the making.

 Not surprising since the greatest entrepreneur in history, Josiah Wedgwood, is our ancestor. 

I have lived in Indiana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida. I have travelled to Mexico, Europe, and China twice. Currently living in Costa Rica.

My first writing was in college at Rowan University. There I earned a bachelor’s degree in communications. With a specialization in Journalism.

It was not much of a voice. Just the facts. But it was the beginning. And my freelance articles got published.

 I was a commissioned officer in the United States Army and had orders to deploy for Desert Storm with a combat engineer unit, as a casualty replacement. I was well trained, had all my vaccines, and was scared.

Fortunately, the war ended before I was deployed.

 I quickly transferred out of the combat engineer’s unit. And served out my remaining commitment as a Public Affairs Officer in the Delaware National Guard where I published several articles.

I am an entrepreneur at heart and have owned three companies, the Milton Town Café in Milton, Delaware, Hawk Trucking in Casper, Wyoming, and a Sylvan Learning in Salt Lake City, Utah.


 “Go home you are a high-risk candidate to contract the Covid virus,” ordered my boss.

I quit the job and never went back. Retiring early.

Looking inward I was upset with what I was not, realizing I had to change. At sixty, I was in the seventh inning of my life with time to be the person I must be. But I had to reinvent myself.

Sirens were calling me to Costa Rica. I answered the call with my dog Lucky, and I moved to San Jose.

I fell in love with a beautiful, loving Costa Rican woman and remarried. Love has its own language.

I am learning Spanish and getting better at it each day.

My wife does not speak a lick of English. But she is trying. Birthday comes out Birdday.

We use the translator. This experience taught me to think before I speak.

I know she nags me. But most of the time I cannot understand her. It is perfect. I hate nagging.

Some people go through life never finding love. I was blessed.

Now I am spending my days in paradise. Living the Pura Vida lifestyle. Writing full time.

 Mark Twain said, “The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

 In 2019, after years of being a car sales associate, loan officer and real estate agent, I faced the Covid pandemic with newfound determination and dedication to reinventing myself. Discovering, I must be who I can be. My passion for communication and exploration has shaped me into the dynamic individual that I am today.

 In 2021, I moved to Costa Rica with my dog Lucky dreaming of spending my time in paradise writing. I am happy to say my dream has come true and I have found that man that I must be.

William's thoughts on writing and storytelling.

The Power of Redemption and Reinvention

“Just as I have reinvented myself, so too can characters grow and change. Life is a series of transformations, and this dynamic process can make for compelling narratives.”

Continuity of Tradition

“Storytelling is as ancient as humanity itself. We carry the torch passed on by ancestors, illuminating the path for future generations.”

The story teller triggers the theatre of the mind and sheds light.

Persistence and Patience

“Writing is a path filled with obstacles. Persistence and patience are your companions. Keep writing, keep refining, and never lose faith in your voice.”