Books about Butte Montana

Here are ten notable books that explore the history, culture, and stories of Butte, Montana:

  1. “Copper Camp: The Lusty Story of Butte, Montana” by Charles V. Mutschler: This comprehensive book provides a detailed account of Butte’s history, from its early days as a mining camp to its transformation into a bustling city. It covers the rise and decline of the copper industry and the social, economic, and political aspects of Butte’s development.
  2. “The Richest Hill on Earth” by Richard S. Wheeler: This historical novel follows the lives of fictional characters against the backdrop of Butte’s mining heyday. It portrays the struggles, triumphs, and conflicts of the city’s diverse inhabitants, capturing the essence of Butte’s unique character.
  3. “Butte Trivia: A Rooted-Up, Rootin’-Tootin’ Collection of Butte Trivia” by George Everett: This entertaining book presents a collection of intriguing facts, stories, and anecdotes about Butte’s history, people, landmarks, and cultural heritage. It’s a fun read for both locals and visitors interested in the city’s trivia.
  4. “Butte, Montana: The Biography of a Silver Mining Town” by Michael P. Malone: This scholarly work offers an in-depth exploration of Butte’s evolution from a silver mining town to a major copper producer. It delves into the social, economic, and environmental aspects of Butte’s growth and provides valuable insights into the city’s historical significance.
  5. “Headframe: Historic Photographs of Butte, Montana” by Mary Murphy and Ellen Crain: This captivating book features a collection of historic photographs that chronicle the transformation of Butte over the years. It offers a visual journey through the city’s past, showcasing its architecture, people, and mining heritage.
  6. “Out of This Furnace” by Thomas Bell: Although not solely focused on Butte, this novel explores the experiences of immigrant workers in the steel mills, mines, and industrial towns of America, including Butte. It provides a broader context for understanding the challenges and triumphs of the city’s diverse population.
  7. “Our Riches In Christ: Discovering Life-Changing Joy In the Shadow of Butte’s Stacks” by George Ferguson: This spiritual memoir recounts the author’s experiences growing up in Butte during the mid-20th century. It reflects on the impact of the mining industry, the strong sense of community, and the author’s personal journey of faith.
  8. “Copper Crucible: How the Arizona Miner’s Strike of 1983 Recast Labor-Management Relations in America” by Jonathan D. Rosenblum: Although primarily focused on Arizona, this book explores the broader implications of the 1983 miners’ strike, which had a significant impact on labor relations in Butte and other mining communities. It provides insights into the challenges faced by miners and the changing dynamics of the industry.
  9. “Forged in Gold: Montana’s Rockefeller and the Gold Standard Ore Deposits” by Mike Stickney: This book examines the life and legacy of William A. Clark, a prominent figure in Butte’s history and one of the “Copper Kings.” It delves into Clark’s business ventures, political influence, and his impact on the development of Butte and Montana.
  10. “Butte and Me” by Peggy White: This memoir offers a personal account of growing up in Butte during the mid-20th century. It paints a vivid picture of daily life, community spirit, and the unique character of the city. It’s a nostalgic and heartfelt exploration of Butte’s past.

These books collectively provide a comprehensive and diverse range of perspectives on Butte, Montana.

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